Radico Water Transfer Tattoos

Darwin Company is instrumental in providing premium quality Radico Water Transfer Tattoos. We are one of the successful Exporters and Suppliers of Radico Water Transfer Tattoos. We deal in natural tattoos only i.e. all our Radico Water Transfer Tattoos are toxins free and highly safe for humans. We provide henna based tattoos that are easy to remove and non toxic as well. We water proof tattoo is can be applied in seconds and its lasts for many days. Our easily removable Radico Water Transfer Tattoos are widely demanded in international markets.

How to Apply Tattoo
  • Cut portions of design with scissors.
  • Remove protection film.
  • Place tattoo on your clean & dry skin face down.
  • Apply water on backing paper of tattoo.
  • Press down for 30 seconds then slide the paper.

Removal : Tattoos are easily removable at any time. To remove tattoos, wipe it with Alcohol / actone.

  • Sensitive skin Do not use. Stop use if skin Rash etc
  • Also available in different colour ocmbinations

Additional Information

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